What to Bring for Your Stay 

For your comfort and convenience, you may want to bring the following items:
  • A current list of your medications
  • Personal items, such as rubber-bottom slippers, robe and toiletries (including toothbrush)
  • Eyeglasses, hearing aids and other assistive devices
  • Small amount of money ($5-$10) for incidentals (any cash will be put in the safe)
  • Book or magazines

What to Leave at Home

We encourage you to leave any valuables such as money, jewelry, documents, as well as medicines, at home. If you were admitted from the Emergency Room, please make arrangements with a family member or friend to take your valuables home for you. The hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage of items. If you are unable to make arrangements for your valuables, please inform a member of the care team so we can deposit your items in the safe. 
Patients who are disoriented or unconscious may have a representative inventory the patient belongings or valuables with the admission staff.